Michael Merrifield on Education

Michael Merrifield, candidate for Colorado Senate District 11, holds strong views on the topic of education reform. In 2007, he was forced to step down as head of the House Education Committee after inflammatory emails he authored were leaked to the press in which he declared that there is a "special place in hell" for opponents of the failing status quo in our education system. [1]

Michael Merrifield's political campaigns have been funded in large part by money from teacher unions. This explains in part his hateful statements towards supporters of charter schools, home schooling, and education reform as well as his long record of obstructing progress in the education system. One Republican Senator even received threats from an unbalanced union supporter provoked by Michael Merrifield's reckless and dangerous rhetoric. [2]

Merrifield has also demonstrated highly questionable positions in regards to classroom material. He has stated that "machines can replace the left-brained functions emphasized in math and science courses" and advocated for less of a focus on math and science and replacing these courses with "music , dance, [and] theater." [3] His priorities in education seem to have little to do with preparing students to find jobs or be successful in life. [4]
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